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 Technical Reports DIAB-13-09-1 

Código:  DIAB-13-09-1
Publicación:  27-09-2013
Título:  Analyzing Linked Data tools for sharing Architectural Knowledge
Detalle: Architectural Knowledge (AK) has been an integral part of Software Architecture specification since its original inception, but it has been explicitly managed only recently. It can be described as a computational structure of design decisions and rationales; recent research emphasizes that availability must be complemented by an effective use of this information. Therefore, when systems are complex and large, an effective searching method becomes critical. We propose the use of Linked Data techniques to define and query AK, thus achieving a flexible storage and scalable search. Our approach suggests storing the network of decisions in RDF format to be retrieved efficiently by means of SPARQL queries. This format is, by definition, general and extensible. As a side effect, many different AK structures can be described this way, which then becomes a general format to describe AK. In that way, this work analyses some significant features regarding to AK of several Linked Data tools in order to determine which ones are the best/worst for handling AK as Linked Data.


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