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 Technical Reports DIAB-18-04-2 

Código:  DIAB-18-04-2
Publicación:  23-04-2018
Título:  The new era of Business Intelligence Applications: building from a collaborative point of view – Experimental Material

PROBLEM DEFINITION: Collaborative Business Intelligence (BI) is being widely embraced for enterprises as a way to make the most of their business processes. However, decision makers work usually in an isolated way without the knowledge or the time needed to obtain and analyze all the available information for making decisions.

RELEVANCE: Unfortunately, collaborative BI is currently based on interchanging e-mails and documents between participants. As result, information may be lost, participants may become disoriented, and the decision-making task many not yield the needed results.

METHODOLOGY: We are proposing a framework aimed at modeling and elicitating goals and information needs of participants of collaborative BI systems. This approach is based on innovative methods to elicitate and model collaborative systems and BI requirements. A controlled experiment was performed to validate this framework.

RESULTS: By using the framework we propose in this work, a clear view can be provided regarding: (i) collaborative tasks, (ii) their participants, and (iii) the information to be shared among them.

MANAGERIAL IMPLICATIONS: By using our approach to design collaborative BI systems, practitioners may easily trace every element needed in the decision processes, avoiding the loss of information and facilitating the collaboration of the stakeholders of such processes.


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